There's the annual fund and special events ... you're expected to close major gifts and write grant proposals ... and you've got to find time to work with your board on capital campaign.

Is it any wonder planned giving is the very last thing you've got time do?

That's too bad!  A well integrated planned giving program will:

  • Allow your donors to be more generous

  • Introduce your organization to new potential donors

  • Deepen and preserve donor relationships

Craig C. Wruck is a nationally recognized expert in the field of charitable giving.  He teaches and speaks on a variety of charitable giving topics and provides consulting services to selected clients.  Craig is well known for his common sense approach to charitable giving which enables organizations to achieve their charitable purposes and helps generous donors integrate their charitable and financial objectives.

On-demand services tailored to your needs

Craig C. Wruck

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  • Start a new planned giving program

  • Reinvigorate an existing program

  • Guide and advise on gift negotiations



  • Basic and advanced training and coaching

  • Interim staffing

  • Staff management and planning


and Training

  • Volunteers and governing boards

  • Donors and prospects

  • Staff and professionals

Planned Giving

in a Nutshell

A practical guide to charitable gift planning for fundraisers and volunteers who are not experts in charitable gift planning with an emphasis on "plain English" explanations and easy to understand examples and illustrations.

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